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How to search by phone number on Facebook in 2024?

If you have ever tried to find people on Facebook, you probably know what challenges you’re going through. A simple name search provides a bazillion results, and you risk sifting through thousands of profiles if the person in question has a common name. How much time will it take? Hours! But this process becomes much easier and quicker if you have a cell phone number. Let’s explore how to find a Facebook account with a phone number and other methods of finding people on the world’s biggest social network. 

Why Is It Good To Search a Phone Number on Facebook for Finding People?

Using a mobile number to find someone online is an effective technique. Whether you aim to reconnect with a cherished friend, touch base with a long-lost contact, or delve deeper into a new acquaintance, Facebook is your go-to platform.

This approach offers clear advantages. First, it lets you define if a particular number is linked to a Facebook profile. Moreover, you can find mutual connections with the individual on this social platform, which can influence your decision to engage with them on Facebook to find even more details. Beyond this, you have the opportunity to glimpse other public aspects of their profile, such as their display and header images and general personal details.

How to Find Someone on Facebook by Phone Number in Web Browsers?

Two primary methods for finding individuals on Facebook are via the web browser and the mobile app. For the first way, you should do the following steps. 

  1. Visit Facebook’s website
  2. Log into your account with username/phone number and password
  3. Find the search bar in the upper left corner of the screen
  4. Type the phone number in question and hit Enter

Adding the area code will maximize the success rate of search results. By the way, you can only enter the full phone number without worrying about its format. 

If the phone number you’re interested in is linked to an existing Facebook account, you will see the search result at the top of the All tab. Then, you can go to the right side of the page and check the person you need to check.

How to Find Someone on Facebook by Their Phone Number on the Mobile App?

The procedure varies slightly on mobile apps, but it’s consistent across both Google and iOS platforms.

To use the Facebook app:

  • Launch the Facebook app on your device
  • After downloading and installing the app, launch it. If you have an existing profile, enter your email and password. If you’re new, register for an account
  • The app will request access to the contact list. If you’ve saved the number you’re seeking, permit access. If not, save the number first
  • Enter the phone number continuously, including the area code, without spaces or special formatting
  • Click on the search option. The desired result should be displayed at the top of the search 

If you have already got the application and haven’t synced your contacts before:

  • To find someone on Facebook using your device, start by going to the upper-right corner of the application and clicking on the three horizontal lines. 
  • This will take you to your shortcuts menu, where you should select the “Find friends” option. A pop-up titled “Your friends are waiting” will emerge at the bottom of your screen, prompting you to synchronize your contacts with the app. 
  • Proceed with this, and Facebook will then provide you with friend suggestions derived from your contacts list. The person you are seeking is likely to be among these suggestions.

If the pop-up doesn’t show, you’ve probably synced your contacts previously. New contact details should show as friend suggestions because Facebook recommends friends based on your contact list.

This way works only if the person’s face is familiar to you or you know either their first or last name. Otherwise, locating them might be challenging and require seeking contacts through mobile numbers.

Attention! If the individual has activated Facebook’s Private Profile feature or hasn’t linked their cell phone number, they might not appear in the search.

In addition, Facebook permits users to disable the “Find Friends” option to avoid being located via phone number. If the individual has chosen this setting, they won’t appear in the Find Friends directory.

How to Find Someone on Facebook with a Phone Number and Name

This method is handy if you know the person’s name. If yes, you can use the area code to narrow down a location.

Suppose you’re looking for Sarah Lee at 515-444-444. Then, visit the Google website and type in “area code 555”—substituting the area code of your phone number for 555. You can define that Sarah Lee lived, or once lived, in Iowa. The major metropolitan area there is Des Moines.

Therefore, you can browse Facebook using the “Sarah Lee Iowa” or “Sarah Lee Des Moines” prompt to refine the search results, making it more straightforward to find your friend.

How to Find Someone on Facebook with a Phone Number without a Name

In some cases, you may forget to ask for a person’s full name or make mistakes with its spelling. What should you do? Here are some tips:

  • Open the Google
  • Type in “reverse number lookup” or reverse phone lookup”
  • Find the relevant website that is available in your place of living (e.g., X-Ray Contact)
  • Look for the phone number of the person you’re interested in
  • Check the relevance of the result

Attention! You should create an account and check the service’s fee policy before using it.

If you can’t find the person’s Facebook profile, ensure you have their full name. If yes, use the methods mentioned above to analyze their digital footprint.

Problems with Finding Someone on Facebook by Phone Number

Privacy is imperative when learning about finding someone on Facebook using a mobile number only. But it also makes the whole task more challenging if your friends hide their profiles. In this case, they decide to protect their privacy and make finding their Facebook profile by mobile number impossible. 

You don’t have to worry if you find yourself in such a situation. You may come up with lots of random results, but this happens occasionally, so don’t give up on seeking the individual in question. 

Find the Facebook ID Using the Mobile Number

We’ve finally learned that an openly available cell phone number can help you seek individuals. Plus, you can also use this data to find their Facebook ID or username. 

Find the account name you’re interested in the search results and check the URL that appeared at the top of the address bar. It will look like this ‘’ (where ‘userid’ is their Facebook ID).

Important: If a person you’re interested in sets a username, or you’ve found a ‘vanity URL’ (especially if there is a business account), that’s what you’ll find. 

But if you have their ID but not their phone number, simply use the ID to search for them and access their profile. Wanna know simpler way? Just append it to “” and you’ll be taken straight to their profile. It’s that straightforward! 

Using Incognito/Private Browsing

If you’ve tried all the previous suggestions and still can’t access someone’s Facebook profile, consider using the ‘Private Browsing’ mode. Wondering how it works for a Facebook phone number lookup? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Launch an incognito window in your browser
  • Visit Facebook (or ensure you’ve logged out of your profile)
  • Click on the “Forgot Password?” option
  • Type the mobile number in the search bar shown on the “Find your account” page

After that, Facebook should reveal the profile associated with that number, discovering both the profile picture and full name. However, be cautious: the number might be outdated, leading to inaccurate results. In some cases, Facebook might indicate that no profile is linked to the provided number.

Tips for More Efficient Facebook Phone Number Searches

Stay Ahead with the Newest Facebook Features

Facebook’s dynamic team is always rolling out enhancements—from a slicker interface to robust search engines and top-notch privacy settings. Ensure you’re using the latest app version to unlock the best and newest features.

Precision Matters: Input Accurate Details

For top-notch results, enter the full phone number—leading zeros, country codes, the whole shebang. Avoid the pitfalls of missing or incorrect details, which can lead you astray.

Maximize Your Search with Area and Country Codes

Not certain about their location? Toss in varied area or country codes to broaden your search. It’s ideal for folks who’ve relocated or are always on the go.

Unlock Insights with Profile Exploration

Stumbled upon a promising profile? Dive into their public details. Mutual friends, profile photos, shared posts—these nuggets can swiftly verify if you’ve hit the jackpot.

Harness the Power of ‘Username’ Search

Did you know users can have a snazzy, unique username in their profile URL (like If you’ve got a hunch about someone’s username, pairing it with a phone number can boost your success rate.

Tap into Facebook’s Friend Suggestions

Here’s a hack: if you share friends, Facebook might already be showcasing them in your suggestions. Check out ‘Find Friends’ or ‘Friend Suggestions.’ Your quest might just end there!

Maintain a Flawless Account Reputation

Keep your account squeaky clean! Breaches or flagged behavior can limit your search prowess. Engage responsibly and relish unhindered access to all of Facebook’s toolkits.

Navigate Smartly Around Privacy Settings

Some folks like playing hide and seek, keeping their profiles out of phone number searches. If someone’s elusive, it’s likely their privacy settings at play, not their absence.

Level Up with Third-party Tools

There’s a treasure trove of extensions and tools turbocharging Facebook searches. Just ensure they’re legit, respect privacy, and align with Facebook’s ethos.

It’s a Game of Patience and Grit

Instant results aren’t always guaranteed. But with a cocktail of patience, persistence, and maybe a sprinkle of creativity, you’re on the path to success! 

How does X-Ray Contact help you find people on Facebook?

Start searching

Our reverse lookup tool is the best for those starting their way in OSINT investigations. We offer every user the ability to find basic or comprehensive data about people or groups, whether you’re a marketing manager or just want to restore the lost connection with an old friend. 

All you need is to visit our website and choose the required option. If you have the name of the person, you can ask the X-Ray Contact for their phone number. You’ve got the number; you can look for a Facebook account.

Plus, we can provide you with a comprehensive report on an individual’s digital footprint. Among other things, you may find usernames on various social media platforms, including Facebook. It will help you recreate the entire picture of a particular person. 


It doesn’t matter whether you strive to reconnect with a long-lost childhood friend or verify the credentials of people you’ve become acquainted with; Facebook always provides all the necessary tools in your digital investigations. And the strategies mentioned above will make your search more efficient and more superficial. However, you should remember that not all the information on social media is accurate. What is the way out? Double-check the data you’ve found and proceed cautiously so your investigation will undoubtedly be effective and respectful. With diligence and discretion, you’re primed for a successful search.


Can I find a particular person on Facebook by using their phone number?

Facebook allows each user to find people by providing their cell phone numbers or using other methods. But there’s a problem: an individual you’re interested in shouldn’t hide their personal data from open searches. 

How do I search for someone on Facebook?

To seek someone on Facebook, there are essential steps to follow. Start by accessing the Facebook main page and logging into your account. Then, navigate to the search bar at the top and type the phone number you’re interested in, followed by pressing Enter. The platform will scan its database to see if the individual has associated their mobile number with their Facebook profile. Ensure that this information isn’t set to private; if it is, your search may yield no results. 

What if I can’t find a person on Facebook with their phone number?

If you cannot seek someone using their phone number, it’s because of the following reasoning. First, they haven’t revealed their number on their Facebook profile. Second, their privacy settings shield their number from searches, or the provided number is either incorrect or no longer in use. And finally, the person doesn’t have a Facebook account at all. Be assured that each scenario is common and can be addressed confidently, so you don’t need to worry. 

Is it possible to hide my phone number on Facebook?

Certainly, hiding your mobile number on Facebook is straightforward. Simply navigate to your profile and select “About.” Under “Contact and Basic Info,” click the “Edit” button beside your number. Use the audience selector to dictate its visibility; opting for “Only Me” ensures it remains private from all. Your control over your information is both easy and assured.

Can I search for someone on Facebook using their phone number if I don’t have a Facebook account?

You must have an account and be logged in to utilize the mobile number search on Facebook. Seeking users by phone number or any other criteria on the platform is impossible without an account due to the platform’s policy.

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