A New X-Ray Contact Policy: Failed Basic Credit Search Refund

An update from X-Ray Contact to boost your user experience: we return a basic credit to your balance in case your search was unsuccessful. Here are all the useful details to enhance your experience. 

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Why Do You Struggle to Find a Person? 

Your search may be ineffective due to different reasons: 

  • A Profile Available for Advanced Search. We use some X-Ray Contact search resources only for advanced credit requests. Try out an advanced search in case a query will be successful this way. 
  • Database Variety. Each OSINT tool uses different databases based on location or even demographic group. The person might not be from the area we focus on. 
  • Privacy Settings. A user might have paid extra effort to clean up their digital footprint and use private accounts. 
  • No Online Presence. The individual might have no active accounts to begin with. 

Our Response

We care about delivering accurate results to all queries, so the X-Ray Contact team decided to refund your basic credit if the search failed. 

The Compensation Procedure: 

You don’t have to fill in any forms or write to the support. Instead: 

  1. If the search fails and we do not manage to find any matches, you will see this pop-up window in the bottom right corner.
  2. Basic credit funds will be returned back to your X-Ray Contact account balance automatically. 
  3. You can spend credits on new searches using our tool. 
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