X-Ray Contact Privacy Policy Update: Account Deletion 

Now X-Ray Contact provides an opportunity to remove your account from the website. Check out this brief guide on how to do that. 

Why You May Want to Delete an Account?

We respect your choice to terminate your account for the following common reasons: 

  • Privacy Concerns. You may be worried about the amount of personal information being collected and stored by a service. However, we guarantee that X-Ray Contact doesn’t gather any unnecessary personal data about the users. 
  • Inactive Account. You may think that you no longer will need to use X-Ray Contact in the future. Nonetheless, we would recommend saving your account for later to store your credits and previous search reports. 

How to Delete Your X-Ray Contact Account? 

If your decision to terminate the profile is set in stone, follow this algorithm: 

  1. Go to the tab “Account.” 
  2. Select the option “Settings” in your personal account.
  3. Press on the button “Delete My Account.” 

Can I Recover My Account After Termination?

Unfortunately, you cannot restore a deleted X-Ray Contact account. Thus, you will lose your subscriptions and credits, so we advise you to remove your profile from the site only as an extreme measure.  

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