How to Find Someone on Reddit?

Reddit is a unique social media as it allows people to anonymously reveal their secrets online under a fake username. However, you can use OSINT instruments to find someone on Reddit, even if they have a faceless and nameless profile. Explore methods of exposing a person’s Reddit username with these effective tips from X-Ray Contact’s research team. 

Why You May Need to Find Someone on Reddit Using the Search Bar

Online forums can be a necessary source of insights to reveal the true character, network or past activities of the person. This information can be useful in the range of both personal and business contexts: 

  • Do a Candidate Check. You may need to find someone on Reddit to prove the credibility of the job candidate before hiring them. Searching for an individual on Reddit can provide additional information beyond what is typically found on the CV or open social media profiles. For example, discovering controversial or inappropriate behavior in their online posts could raise concerns about their ethics and ability to become part of the corporate culture. That’s how a company can save money and reduce turnaround by employing only experts with a clean reputation. 
  • Conduct an Industry Analysis. Reddit is a perfect place to find out the unfiltered opinions about a certain brand or a person. By monitoring relevant subreddits and discussions related to the industry, businesses can stay informed about market trends, consumer preferences and competitive dynamics. That’s how you can stay on top of the business game. 
  • Secure Dating. Find someone on Reddit to make sure you are in a relationship with a trustworthy person. Such scans can reveal patterns of behavior that may be indicative of their real-life personality traits, such as honesty, integrity and respectfulness to others.  Therefore, you can dodge the bullet if the person shows major red flags online. 
  • Fix a Stained Reputation. During times of controversy, monitoring online forums like Reddit can be crucial for managing PR and mitigating reputational damage. Searching for discussions related to the crisis can help gauge public sentiment and identify concerns or misinformation. That’s how you can create an effective response based on what people want to hear. 

What Do You Need to Take to Find Someone’s Reddit Account?

There are different channels you can use to kick off your investigation and find someone on Reddit. Let’s dissect the main ones that can lead you on the person’s trail: 

  1. Username. If you have a clue about the person’s Reddit username, it makes OSINT much easier. In case you have the person’s username, you can just enter it into Reddit’s search bar to locate their account. However, keep in mind that some users may use pseudonyms or alternate usernames, so it’s important to verify that you have the correct one.
  2. Personal Details. If you don’t have the person’s username, you may need additional information to narrow down your search. This can be their full name or other identifying details. You can use this information to search for mentions on the forum. 

How to Search Anyone on Reddit?

The first step is to determine what type of entry data you have on hand that can help you find someone on Reddit. The two primary scenarios are when you want to find a person’s identity with a username or to find a Reddit page of someone using their contact details. Let’s dive in and discuss each one. 

How to Find Someone on Reddit Searching by Username

People often use the same username or its variations for each social media. Thus, if you have knowledge of the person’s digital accounts, you can use these cues to find someone on Reddit. 

Employ X-Ray Contact 

Even though the X-Ray Contact data aggregator doesn’t focus on Reddit searches, it can come in handy to expose the person’s username. All you need is to insert any information you have about the individual in a “Search” bar, such as real name, photo, image, email, phone number or social media. That’s how you can possibly get clues about the username if there are matches in the system. 

If the user is present in the providers’ databases, you may receive a list of usernames they use for different services, potentially including Reddit. Otherwise, you may get links to other social media of the person. In this situation, try typing in the variants of these other social media usernames on the “Search Reddit” tab, in case it was featured in subreddits, or it was registered on the website. 

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How to Find Someone’s Reddit Account Without a Username

If all fails and you can’t get hold of the person’s Reddit username, you have to use different tactics to get success in the investigation. Oftentimes, you have to search manually to expose any useful cues that will lead you to the Reddit account. Consider the following steps:

  • Use Keywords. Use the Reddit search function to search for keywords or phrases that are likely to be associated with the username you’re trying to find. Type in their name, email, phone, the company they work for, and place of education to inspect whether they can be exposed on one of the subreddits. 
  • Scan Subreddits. If you know the person’s interests or the topics they are likely to discuss online, you can try searching for relevant subreddits to detect their username. You have to browse through posts and comments within those communities to see if you can find any patterns or pieces of evidence that point to the person of interest. For example, if you know that the user is an avid fan of true crime media, the subreddit r/TrueCrime can be your best shot. However, the downside is the immense scope of labor this method requires without any guarantee of positive results. Therefore, it should be used as a last resort when all other options fail. 
  • Engage the Reddit Community. If you’re comfortable including HUMINT in your investigation, consider posting in relevant subreddits asking for help in locating the person you’re looking for. If you find a lead, follow any trails or connections that might lead you to other posts or comments made by the same user. Pay attention to any usernames, subreddit memberships or shared interests that could help you piece together the online presence of your target.

Why Is It Important to Find Information on Reddit?

You may think that it might not be wise to find someone on Reddit using various resources if this task requires so much effort. Nonetheless, we insist that Reddit is an attention-worthy asset to reveal the real face of the person. Be aware of these reasons why you should find someone on Reddit, even if it is a hassle: 

  • Limited Moderation. Unlike some other social media platforms that have strict moderation policies and algorithms to filter content, Reddit is known for its relatively loose posting rules. Reddit can be a space where individuals express themselves more freely, often revealing unfiltered opinions, perspectives, and behavior. Finding information on Reddit can provide a more authentic view of a person, as the user interactions are less censored and curated.
  • Subreddit Diversity. Reddit hosts different forums, from niche hobbies to professional interests to personal struggles. That’s why you need to find someone’s username on Reddit to get a more comprehensive picture of who they are as an individual. Then, you can assess their compatibility, credibility and character.
  • Content Longevity. In contrast to social media posts that may disappear after a short period, like Snapchat or Instagram, content on Reddit tends to have a longer lifespan. Discussions, comments and posts can remain on the website for years. That’s how you can get a rich archive of information about a person’s past activities and interactions if you know their username.
  • The Impact of Anonymity. Reddit offers users a certain level of anonymity and privacy, allowing them to share sensitive or personal information without revealing their identity. This anonymity can foster a sense of safety and openness that encourages individuals to disclose aspects of themselves under the Reddit username that they may not feel comfortable sharing elsewhere. Find someone on Reddit to get a grip on how the person acts when they think nobody is watching. 
  • The Birth of Trends. Reddit users often pick up on the latest news and updates that can spark a discussion. Use this knowledge to get crowdsourced insights and customer feedback for free. 


The assignment to find someone on Reddit may seem daunting or even intimidating. It can be much harder to find someone on the forum compared to traditional social media, where people openly share about their lives. If you have their username, find someone on Reddit using the search bar. However, even if the username is not available, do a comprehensive SOCMINT investigation with outside tools like X-Ray Contact to get the leads.

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