Learn to Perform a POF Name Search

Plenty of Fish, or simply POF, is a top dating app that many people use to build intimate relationships. However, it also serves as a breeding ground for scams, lies and doxxing threats. Find out the secrets of how to do a POF search and the roadblocks you might face based on the X-Ray Contact’s reverse name, reverse phone lookup and reverse image search overview. 

Why You May Be Looking to Find Someone’s POF Account?

Even though POF might seem like a light-hearted platform to find new connections, it might be used for nefarious purposes. Here are some reasons why a POF search might be worth a shot for your investigation: 

  • Expose Scammers. If you suspect someone might be a scammer or engaging in fraudulent activity on POF, uncovering their account can help you protect yourself and others. Since dating scams are so common nowadays, you might catch someone impersonating others, catfishing, blackmailing or phishing users with their POF accounts. You can put an end to this malicious behavior and report it to the authorities or the platform itself, which can lead to an investigation and potential consequences for the culprits. In case you become a victim of a dating scam, use the help of POF support and the officials to return your money or expose an offender. 
  • Test Loyalty. If you are unsure whether your partner is dedicated to the relationship, use POF search options to find out more about their online dating activity. This is how you can avoid unfaithful liaisons and untrustworthy partners. 
  • Verify a Person. If you are unsure whether the person is telling the truth about their real offline identity, use POF search to reveal their secrets with little effort. That’s how you can check whether a person uses their real photos, name and personal information for their online profile. 
  • Find Someone. Have you met an individual but struggled to maintain contact with them? Leverage POF as a means to find a person of interest based on their digital footprint. 

Can You Search for Someone on Plenty of Fish? 

Sure, the app allows you to check out the profiles of the registered users. However, there are some conditions to perform a successful POF search. You should be aware of the person’s username and type it in the bar to kick off the search. Nevertheless, the difficulty may be in getting hold of the correct username as well as matching it with the needed profile. 

In case you cannot identify a username, you still can do a POF search but with much more difficulty. You can try to find a specific person on POF with an in-depth search by filtering out their location, age, institutions they are related to etc. Then, if such a user exists, you can manually single them out from the stream of search results. However, such a method is tiresome and often unreliable as POF users opt to conceal clues about their offline lives to avoid being found. 

How to Find Someone on Plenty of Fish?

If the basic platform-based searches do not lead you to the right person, it makes sense to use outside tools that can facilitate the investigation. Let’s dive into the main tactics that can be useful for your POF search. 

Top Ways to Perform a POF Name Search

The first approach you can use is to find a person if you know their name or personal details. Here’s how you can conduct an investigation using either one of the three channels: name, phone or image. 

Reverse Name Search With X-Ray Contact

If you know a name a person goes by online, you can perform a search with the X-Ray Contact data aggregator. Follow the steps: 

  1. Go to the X-Ray Contact’s “Search” section and choose the option “Name” to begin your POF-focused analysis. 
  2. Type in a name, so we can compare it to the results from the databases of our providers. 
  3. If the search goes through successfully, you may receive a report with all data available about the person, including usernames and social media links. You may either find POF among links to the sites they are registered on or use the username list to find them manually. 
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Reverse Phone Lookup With X-Ray Contact

The person’s phone number can also be a starting point for your investigation to expose their POF account. Be sure to use this POF search strategy: 

  1. Similar to the reverse name search, you can take the first step in the investigation with the X-Ray Contact “Search” via the “Phone” option. 
  2. Insert the phone number of the person you are looking for. If the algorithm locates this number in the system, you will get your hands on the overview of platforms where this phone was used. For example, you may receive a record of social media, services and apps registered with this number that may include POF. 
  3. Even if the phone number could not be directly linked to POF, you may use the list of social media profiles to point out common username patterns or disclose the person’s real name. These hints can be very beneficial to handle your POF research. 

Reverse Image Search With X-Ray Contact

Take advantage of the person’s image to find a POF profile picture match. Even though this route may seem convoluted, use it if nothing else works. Check out how X-Ray Contact can be helpful for this cause. 

  1. You can upload any picture of a person you have on hand or insert a URL link to their social media image to the X-Ray Contact “Search” tab using the “Image” channel to start the reverse image search. 
  2. The system will scan thousands of images from the library to detect facial features that are similar to the prompt. 
  3. If the search is fruitful, you will get a report with a catalog of matching photos found with a reverse image search along with personal details about the individual on a picture. 
  4. Then, you can implement either one of the two tactics: reverse image investigation or name search. You can use the reverse image search function on Google to find whether the photos have been used for the POF profile. Otherwise, you can utilize the user’s real name to perform the name investigation we’ve described above. 
  5. This process can be tiresome and less reliable due to conditions such as poor photo quality, angles and changes in appearance. Moreover, the person might use unique pictures for POF, which makes reverse image analysis even harder as there would be no exact matches elsewhere. 
  6. Nevertheless, even if you would not be able to reveal the identity of the person, the reverse image search can help you geolocate a user. This hint can further lead you to the place where a person lives and narrow down the scope of the investigation. 

Do a POF Username Search

In contrast, you might have no clues that reveal more about the user’s offline persona and are only aware of their username. This type of research differs as you have to focus only on their digital footprint in case you don’t have access to much real-life contact information. Here is how you can do a POF search with a username as the main point of interest. 

Limit the Search Results

If you have your hands on the username, but it is fairly common, such as @John_Walker, you can focus on getting more precise results with POF. If you know a piece of personal data about the user, set a limitation on the ZIP code location or a person’s age to make the POF search results more reliable. Otherwise, if you’ve seen a person’s photo but it is not fitting for the reverse image search, focus on adjusting height, body type or ethnicity in the “Refine Search” tab. If you know some bits about their personal life, select the appropriate options for the marital status, children, religion, POF intent or the use of substances. However, be aware that the person you know might lie on their POF profile and miss some details, so don’t disregard search results if some facts are not a 100% match. 

Do an In-Depth POF Search 

If basic measures to narrow down a search are not helpful, the possible option is to purchase a POF Premium Membership that grants the ability to tune the results better. This package will not only allow you to see who visited your profile and contact a wider pool of users but also allow you to adjust the search filters. With this feature, you can do a POF search focused on the specific username prompts and be able to view the profiles in full to get more identifying information. 

Other Tools to Help You Find Someone on POF

There are some online tools specifically designed for username searches, but their effectiveness can vary. Consider trying out these instruments to figure out a person’s POF username for your investigation.

Social Catfish 

Opt for the help of services that have an overt focus on revealing dating scams, such as Social Catfish. This method can be efficient in verifying the profile of the person and validating their identity based on the database search. It also provides the option of direct username analysis.


Another alternative service is Spokeo, which operates similarly to Social Catfish. This method works best if you want to check the dating history of your partner and find the origins of the suspicious POF messages. However, Spokeo works best if you aspire to investigate someone you know rather than find a user exclusively by the username. 

Why It May Be Challenging to Find Someone’s POF Account

Confused about what you did wrong so your POF search fails? There might be a few reasons that complicate your investigation: 

  • Privacy Settings. Users have the option to adjust their account settings to limit who can view their profile or search for them by username.
  • Inactive Accounts. The user you’re trying to find may have an inactive or deleted POF account, which means it won’t show up in search results.
  • Username Alteration. People can change their POF usernames at any time, so the nickname you have may no longer be associated with someone you’re trying to find.
  • Multiple Accounts. Some people have multiple POF accounts with different usernames, making it harder to pinpoint the correct one.


No matter what entry data you have, you can nail a reverse image search, username investigation or phone number analysis to find someone on POF. The key is to leverage varying approaches to narrow down the results and pinpoint the correct one with ease. However, we remind you of the chance that the person of interest is not registered on Plenty of Fish at all or has adopted measures to protect their account.

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