OSINT Conferences 2024: Boost Your Skills Through Networking

As they say, building a strong network is like weaving a web of opportunities. That’s why it is important to pay attention to hot events in the domains of OSINT and cybersecurity to stay on top of the curve. X-Ray Contact has prepared a list of top open-source intelligence conferences in different regions and advice on how you can take advantage of them.

OSINT Conferences and Events 2024 Selected by X-Ray Contact

We’ve tried to create a comprehensive list of OSINT events, so you can get involved in one, no matter your area of residence. 

SANS OSINT Summit 2024

Country: The US 

Date: 2024, February 29-March 1. 

The Summit that will be held both in Arlington and virtually claims to expose the fundamentals of open-source intelligence from A to Z. Except for the lectures from industry pros, the event will include hands-on workshops on Telegram security and AI in OSINT. 

Cybersec Asia 2024

Country: Thailand 

Date: 2024, January 31-February 1 

The goal of the conference is to reveal knowledge about the OSINT news and cybersecurity novelties of the Asian Pacific market. The event will feature discussions on data management and protection, new hacking threats organizations must be aware of and Web 3 safety measures. 

The Digital Investigations Conference

Country: Switzerland 

Date: 2024, March 1-2 

This Zurich-based conference has a specific focus on digital forensics as the branch of OSINT. Experts from different fields, such as cybersecurity organizations, military investigators and governmental agencies, are invited to the event. In addition to the regular lecture program, there will also be interactive exhibitions and workshops. 

Best Intelligence Conferences 

Some events have a specific focus on intelligence as a part of OSINT. Consider attending these conferences in case they cover topics important for the security of your organization. 

Black Hat

Country: The US 

Date: Until 2024, March 4

The organization provides training opportunities in different means of collecting intelligence, including even hacking, that you can use to boost the company’s digital defense. Choose whichever course suits your needs, among such options as the investigation of malware viruses, the logistics of mobile app hacking, the use of data science techniques for cybersecurity and memory investigations, among others. While some lectures are in-person in Las Vegas, others can be attended online, so don’t miss out on the chance.


Country: Ukraine

Date: 2024 

This annual OSINT convention specializes in military intelligence used in the modern Ukrainian warfare defense. This narrow-focused event is meant to study how to build a digital defense ecosystem in war conditions and wage cyber war nowadays based on the example of the Ukrainian cybersecurity organizations. 

What Can You Gain From the OSINT Conferences? 

OSINT events are much more than just attending lectures and finding out the latest news. Here are only some major benefits you can gain from being active in the OSINT community. 

Network and Find Experts With X-Ray Contact

Met someone valuable for networking during the event but failed to get their contact details? You can try to find more information with just one clue using the X-Ray Contact data aggregator. The tool has four different entry channels: image, phone number, social media link or a person’s name. So, even if you only know a name or a photo from the OSINT event, you can rekindle communication afterward if the person is in the X-Ray Contact database. 

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Become Aware of New Tech

OSINT practices and tools have never remained on the same level over the years, so events and conferences can be a perfect place to learn what’s new in the industry. 

Hone Your OSINT Skills 

Workshops and training sessions often accompany OSINT events and conferences, offering hands-on experience with tools and methodologies. Try out different strategies and instruments to single out which ones can benefit your organization. 


Updating your knowledge is the only way to go in the fleeting and fast-developing domain of OSINT. Save this selection of events and conferences and choose the ones that match your interest to stay aware of all the new things in 2024 OSINT.

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