Unlimited Basic Credit Offer from X-Ray Contact 

Great news: X-Ray Contact made an infinitive number of basic credits available when you purchase any of the two subscription plans. Read this brief overview of our offers to find the one that suits your needs. 

What Are Basic Credits? 

Basic credits are the currency system of the X-Ray Contact searches. Such a search type involves three channels: social media links, an email and a phone number. You may use basic credits to find a location, usernames, names and contact information. This method works best for fast searches and swift checks of contact information. 

In comparison, advanced credit searches allow you to investigate with two additional search types: image and photo. We recommend using this option in case you try to create a comprehensive person of interest profile, as these searches provide in-depth results like photos, services they are registered on, relations, job and education data, along advanced phone and email analysis.

Unlimited Basic Credits Rules

Here’s a breakdown of how you can get your hands on an infinite number of basic credit searches: 

  1. First, buy an Advanced or Mastermind X-Ray Contact subscription. 
  2. Now, you can use the basic credits available under the conditions of your subscription. The subscription will automatically renew every month, but you can cancel it at any time. However, be aware that if you terminate the subscription, all unused credits will disappear. If you have any unused credits left from the previous month, they will NOT transfer to the next subscription month. That’s why we recommend keeping track of your balance and using it on time. 
  3. You can do 1 search per minute. 
  4. If the search is unsuccessful, your basic credit search returns to your balance as usual. 
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What Subscriptions Give You Unlimited Basic Credits?

Either Advanced or Mastermind subscription.

Does This Offer Work for Advanced Searches?

No, only basic credit searches can be unlimited. But you can get one free advanced search after filling in a short survey to help us get better. You can find the survey link on the “Search” page.

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